About me

I am a visual artist based in New Delhi, India. I collaborate with individuals and clients on for projects that explores a range of concepts, mediums, and artistic processes to achieve the final form.

For the past two and a half years, I have worked as a Curator and Project Anchor at Conflictorium, a museum of conflict, based at Raipur, Chhattisgarh, which is also my hometown. In this role, I focused on setting up a permanent museum, designing its overall experience, and aligning it with the region's art and culture sensibilities. . I led the project to establish the entire permanent museum from the ground up and curated numerous exhibits and events over the last two years. The museum acts as a reflective lens on identities, cultures, history, and contemporary issues through meaningful conversations, carefully curated exhibits, workshops, and events.

My postgraduate studies in Photography Design at NID have shaped my personal projects, which explores contemporary social and emotional landscapes via visual storytelling. I explore communities, and alternate cultures, while using visual medium to understand, question, unlearn and relearn.


2024 : Memories from Homeland
              'Enchantment' : A Projection Showcase at Angkor Photo Festival 2024, Cambodia

2023 : Politics, Protest, Poetry
              Film screening program : Music, Dissent, Spaces, Harkat Studios, Mumbai

2021 : Politics, Protest, Poetry
              Online Film Screening, Indie Music Film Festival 

2021 : Memories from Homeland
               Print Installation, Art Block 2.0, Q417, Bhilai

2020 : Beyond ninety minutes
               3-Channel Video Projection, Art Block, Q417, Bhilai

2019 : Memories from Homeland
              Group Print Exhibition, Krishnakriti Art Festival, Hyderabad

2019 : Off the coast
              Group Print Exhibition, Chennai Photo Biennale, Chennai

2019: Politics,Protest,Poetry
             Film Screening, Irregulars Art Fair, New Delhi

2017 : Off the coast
             Group Print Exhibition, Living Water Museum, Ahmedabad

2017 : Unwrapping
             Collaborative Video Installation, INTAC, South Korea


2023 : Out at sea: Behind the scenes at Veraval
               The Frontline magazine/ The Hindu (Print and Digital) 

2022 : Medium and the Message | How the first Chhattisgarhi film questioned caste
               The Caravan (Print and Digital) 

2021 : Keeping Score: Chhattisgarh Through its Footballing Culture
               Social & Political Research Foundation (Digital)

Guest Faculty/ Jury

2024 : In panel of a Design project review sessions of M. Des Photography Design batch of 2022
           NID, Gandhinagar

2023 : Designed and conducted a common studio 3-week course called 'Reflections and Projections' under the theme Future of the past
           Communication Design, Anant National University, Ahmedabad.

Artist Talk

2022 : Artist talk at National Institute of Design
              Artist Talk series, Gandhinagar (Online)


2023 : Postgraduate Course in Aesthetics, Criticism And Theory (ACT) at Jnanapravaha Mumbai
              An Uncomfortable Tour Through the Museum

2018 : All about photo-books by Peter Bialobrzeski
              Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai in collaboration with BIND

2016 : Beyond the Camera
              by Kishor Sharma, Prawin Adhikari & Shikhar Bhattarai, Photo Kathmandu 2016


2022 : Nominated for Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Grant for Photography
New Delhi, India

2022 : Shortlisted for Communities of Choice
               Chennai Photo Biennale, India

2019 : Nominated for reGeneration 4
              Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland 

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